Six Artists. Six Cities. Six Connections.
January - September 2011

With the proliferation of social networking and technology-based communication, making real connections becomes more important than ever. Each artist in this exhibition has selected one other artist who lives and works in a different community, forming a network of local art communities and creating personal and global connections among artists. This effort makes the local more than just local and infuses each region with energy from around the country. Like a chain letter, this process is expansive and like an exquisite corpse, the results are surprising and unexpected. Appropriately for a show about drawing connections, the show takes the drawn line as its subject and features artists from all over the country. The exhibition, in a sense, "created itself" by means of connectivity.

The show includes work by Jeff Badger, Carl Baratta, Amanda Curreri, Joanne Lefrak, Kathy Leisen & Dan Schank, showing in San Francisco (Queens Nails Projects), Santa Fe (Linda Durham Contemporary Art), Chicago (Lloyd Dobler Gallery), Detroit (Popp's Packing), Philadelphia (Pterodactyl Projects), & Portland, ME (Gallery 37A) in January through October, 2011.

Below are some images from Jeff Badger's site-specific wall drawing and installation created at Queens Nails Projects in San Francisco. For more information and images of all six shows, visit the 6/6/6 blog page.  

Jeff Badger, Good/Bad Scale, 2011
oil-based paint marker in wall, site-specific, room is approx. 10' x 12', 2011
(this work is a room-sized version of this drawing)

Jeff Badger, Have You Made A Decision?, 2011
acrylic and ink, site specific installation, room approx. 10' x 8'
(in this work a small room is painted completely black, with one small 4" x 6" framed drawing hung at the far wall with a single spotlight. The text of the drawing is called out above)

© 2011 jeff badger