Whitney Art Works
Portland, Maine
August-October 2006


“Anytime I want I got a right to move, no matter what they say”
-Iggy Pop, I Got A Right

I Got A Right is about movement: the mutability of identity in a painting and the ephemeral image on a security monitor. 

The paintings in I Got A Right feature reoccurring characters – a monocle-wearing robber baron, a disembodied Brain, an armless Robin Hood – who act out miniature dramas of human struggle in a tense and bizarre world.

Also included in the show are surveillance sculptures, including Surveillance Sandwiches, mechanical foam sandwiches topped with toothpicks and olives in which motion-trigged spy cameras are hidden, and the Mobile Surveillance House Plant (M.S.H.P.), a remote-control potted plant that can be driven around the gallery as it captures images with a wireless camera. 

The images are displayed at a monitoring station where visitors can log suspicious activity in the gallery. These works are an exploration of security technology. By installing a camera in something as absurd as a fake sandwich I hope to call attention to the spore-like proliferation of cameras throughout the public squares and darkened corners of our cities.  

As a body of work, I Got A Right is a humorous look at the transience of identity. These works can be seen as cautionary allegories about the cartoonish ambivalence with which roles -- good and evil, rich and poor, watcher and watched -- are assigned in contemporary culture.

I Got A Right is Jeff Badger's seventh solo exhibition and his first one-person show at Whitney Art Works. His work has recently been included in group shows at MPG Contemporary, Samson Projects and MassArt in Boston, and at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, Maine. He holds degress from Skidmore College (BS 1998) and the Art Institute of Boston (MFA 2005). Badger lives and works in South Portland, Maine. Visit jeffbadger.com for more information.

"I Got A Right" is funded in part by a grant from the
Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

installation image coutersy of John McNeil

© 2008 jeff badger